International Go Symposium 2012




9:00 AMChen Zuyuan - History
The Evolution of Japanese Territory and Chinese Area Scoring Since the Tang Dynasty
9:45 AMJacques  Basaldua - Computer
Advances in M-eval: A Multivariate Evaluation Function for Opening Positions in Computer Go
10:30 AMPeter Schumer - Teaching
Design of a College Go Course
11:15 AMIsrael Rodriguez Nava - Culture
Cultural Considerations in the Spread of Go in Western Countries
1:00 PMBill Spight - Go Theory
How to Estimate Territory: Research into the Influence of Immortal, Partially Immortal, and Dead Stones, and the Estimation of Territory on the 3x3 Board
1:45 PMFrancois van Niekerk - Computer
New Work on MCTS Parallelisation
2:10 PMPeter Shotwell - Culture
A reading of the short version of "Historical Hypotheses and Facts About the Game of Go in Vietnam," a paper by Konstantin Bayraktarov of Bulgaria
2:15 PMPeter Shotwell - Culture
Some Notes on the Possible Origins in Ancient Greece and Rome (via Bactria) of the Tibetan Custodial Capture Game Mig Mang That Uses Go Stones and Boards
2:30 PMKim, Dalsoo - History
A Study of Flower (Star) Points in Go and Other Games
3:15 PMKyle Blocher - Go Theory
The Value of Moves: Sente, Gote, and Combinatorial Game Theory
4:00 PMIchiro Tanioka - History
The Origin of 19x19 Go-boards in China
4:45 PMSuh, Dae-won - Remarks
Greetings from the Korean Amateur Baduk Association
7:30 PMNolan Bushnell - Promotion
Keynote Speech. Introduction by Peter Freedman
Moving Go From the Cultural Background to Center Stage
9:00 AMThomas Wolf - Go Theory
Basic Seki in Go
9:45 AMChen Zu-yan - Poetry
The Art of Black and White: Weiqi in Chinese Poetry
10:30 AMRoxanna Duntley-Matos - Education
"Playing Under and Pushing Through the Stones" : Privileging Transnational Go Network Formation and Minority Leadership from Lower to Higher Education
11:15 AMPeter Shotwell - History
The Origins of Go Strategies in Classical Chinese Grammar
1:00 PMMarc Moscowitz - Culture
China – The Challenges of Categorization for an Increasingly Globalized Game
1:20 PMStephenie Mingming Yin - Culture
Experiences in Growing Up in the Profession and Chinese Education
1:40 PMJoshua A. Guarino - Culture
Cross-cultural memoirs
2:00 PMPeter Shotwell - Culture
Chinese Go in 1985
2:30 PMHotta Yumi - Promotion
Interview with Hikaru no Go author by Paul Barchilon, translator Akane Negishi
3:15 PMTerry Benson - Promotion Rules
Spreading Go – Rules and Attitudes Which Make That Hard
4:00 PMRoy Laird - Education and Psychology
Play Go and Grow: Why Every School and Library Should Have a Go Program
4:25 PMPeter Freedman - Promotion Education
Teaching Children to Become Go Players
4:55 PMPaul Barchilon - Promotion
Developing Youth Programs
5:15 PMSiddhartha Avila - Education
The Art of Go in Education
5:25 PMLaura Martinez – Education
International Children's Go Art Contest